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Amber wasn’t the prettiest or the skinniest girl in school. She was just loud, talkative, and smart. Sports was how she talked to, and became friends with, the ‘popular’ kids. Amber played, lived, and breathed sports all her life in order to ‘fit in’ with the popular kids; she began to love sports because of what they did for her. In high school, She stopped playing sports and began to photograph them instead. She wanted to become a better sports photographer so she practiced by attending a multitude of sports games her senior year of high school. As she began to show her photos to the players, her 'popularity' within the popular crowd began to grow. Thus, growing her efforts to make sure everyone had their photos. She spent hours shuffling through at least 2000 photos in one sitting. She only took that many because she wanted to make sure she had at least one good image of each player to maintain the friendship she had with them. Sports was a way for her to fit in when everything else about her didn’t. It became her way of communicating to others and understanding the world. Using photography as a platform, Amber highlights issues or concerns regarding the world of sports to protect this world from being given a bad name when it gave her everything. Sexual assault/rape with the “American Hookup” culture, feminine strength and power in sports, the confining rules for club sports versus varsity sports in college, are just a couple of themes she highlights in her projects.  

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